Product Designer
14+ years

Hello! I'm Rahul. I solve problems that affect millions of people, by designing and creating products that make an impact.

Currently working at Metro Bank in the UK where I create delightful experiences for our personal and commercial banking customers.

Previously, I established and guided the design team, design process and the UX for ila Bank in Bahrain and won multiple awards for the best digital banking experience in the MENA region.

I focus on building design strategy, setting up design teams, design processes and creating delightful user experiences.


Role: UX Research, UI Design

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ila Bank

Role: UX Research, UI Design, DSM

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Role: UX and UI Design

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Role: UX & UI Design

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Role: UX / UI Design

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Role: UX, UI Design

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Rimi Sen Photography

Role: Design, Wordpress

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