• The first rule of research is don’t listen to the user.

    “Instead, observe their behavior.”

  • Intuitive UI for Likert and Matrix Survey Questions

    A Likert scale is a bipolar scaling method, measuring either a positive or negative response to a statement. Often five ordered response leverls are used, but some researchers use seven and even nine levels—it's been found that using seven or nine levels produce higher mean scores.

  • Prototyping and Building a Task Search Interface

    One of the major pain points we had in EHQ Admin was the navigation. Adding/editing a tool or a widget was a pain. As more and more features were built into the app, it just became harder to get to certain common tasks.

  • HTML5 Coding Styleguides

    Be consistent. The point of having style guidelines is to have a common vocabulary of coding so people can concentrate on what you’re saying rather than on how you’re saying it.

  • CSS3 and SASS — Best Practices and Styleguides

    Use valid CSS where possible. Unless dealing with CSS validator bugs or requiring proprietary syntax, use valid CSS code. Place comments on a new line above their subject

  • Slick New Interface for EHQ Mobile!

    Slick new interface for EHQ on Mobile.

  • Simple Steps to Make Sure You're Building an Accessible Website

    "Accessible Design” means design that includes the needs of people whose physical, mental, or environmental conditions limit their performance. Building an accessible website is important for people who do not have any of these physical or mental characteristics too, as it increases speed, decreases errors and reduces the learning curve for all users.

  • Type Connection — Game

    Type Connection is an online game by Aura Seltzer that helps users learn how to pair typefaces. Users decide what kind of match to look for by choosing among several strategies for combining typefaces.

  • Open new tabs in iTerm in the current directory

    It's slightly irritating to "cd" to your project directory again when you open a new tab in iTerm. Configure Preferences » Profiles » General » Working Directory to “Reuse previous session’s directory”.

  • Reset. Chapter 1 again

    Feels good hitting the reset button again. Clean slate. Hello Jekyll. Hello Github!